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Nobashi Ebi – Welcome to Vinaquality Corporation

Nobashi Ebi

Nobashi ebi is very popular in Japanese restaurants as it is usually made into tempura.

This shrimp has a sweet taste and in some restaurants in Japan consumed live.

For speed and to avoid the hassle of peeling our frozen variety is shell free and ready for cooking.

Details: 9g, 11g, 13g, 14g, 15g

Packing: Vacuum pack in 25 or 30pcs/tray


Norwegian Trout, Whole Gutted

Size (kg/pc) : ¾, 4/5, 5/6

Packing: IWP, 25kg/carton

Norwegian Atlantic Salmon, Whole Gutted

Size (kg/pc) : 5/6, 6/7

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